Our Trainers

Sean Reynolds

Sean is the owner of Left Jab fitness, he has been a personal trainer for the last 10 years and also has qualifications as a strength and conditioning coach as well as being an England boxing coach.

Seans speciality is boxing training as he also owns and runs Left Jab Boxing club in Huddersfield, he represented England in 2004 and boxed internationally in 5 different countrys and has a vast knowledge of the fitness levels required.

James Auterson

James has a vast knowledge and a huge following in the fitness world. He prides himself on being passionate about fitness and the lifestyle.

James can teach the fundimentals of nutrition, macros, movement paterns, mobility, breathing, core strength and mind to muscle connection, and can taylor the session to each individuals goals and needs and also make the session enjoyable which is a must.

Kirt Nandakumar

Kirt PT has been in the fitness industry for over ten years, and offers his own unlimited personal training packages.

Kirts speciality is working with beginners by training and teaching each individual client with his fitness and nutritional information in order for them to be self-reliant in the long term.

Callam Fawcett

Callam is a newly qualified personal trainer and fitness instructor, but with over 15 years in training himself has alot to offer. I haven't been practicing for very long but I am very passionate about what I do and want the best for my clients.

I have a passion for helping like minded people acheive thier own goals.

I am a keen runner and cyclist and like to get out to do them as much as i possibly can.

Image of personal trainer

Delia Harrop

Delia is a newly qualified personal trainer and fitness instructor who has always had a keen intrest in the fitness world. I am a friendly individual who will help and push you to acheive your own individual goals.

I have various session packages available to suit your needs and scedules.

Image of Sam PT

Sam Ehsan PT

Sam has 4 years experiance as a personal trainer.

Hes is and ex profesional wrestler and former Semi-profesional footballer.

Sam has trained for 13 years in the body building industry, reaching top 2 in the NPA (National Physique Assosiation).

Image of personal trainer

Ellena Hill

Ellena is a newly qualified personal trainer specialising in online coaching. Expanding her online success Ellena is now offering personal training sessions at Left Jab Fitness.

My main goal after walking into the gym 7 years ago as a newbie feeling very intimidated is to encourage women and men alike become confident in their own bodies, less anxious in the gym and enjoy working out and leading a healthier life!’

Image of personal trainer

Kierran Sanderson

Kierran qualified as a personal trainer back in 2014 and is currently studying sports exercise and nutrition.

I have a competed in bodybuilding where i was placed 3rd. I have a huge intrest in nutrition and how it can be applied to improve sports performance, body composition and health.